Loretto Knights Results (Week 10)

CYO results from weekend of Feb. 3-4

3rd grade boys lost to St. Lawrence (Brewster), 26-8

4th grade boys lost to St. Theresa (Briarcliff), 26-15

5th grade girls lost to Our Lady of Mercy (Port Chester), 20-6

6th grade girls defeated Sacred Heart (Patterson), 18-3

The seventh-grade Loretto boys’ team (Photo provided)

7th grade boys defeated Saint Patrick (Bedford), 52-37
Will Bradley (16) and Matteo Cervone (13)

7th grade girls defeated Saint Lawrence (Brewster), 33-12

8th grade boys lost to Saint Vito (Mamaroneck), 44-39
Robert Viggiano (21), Ryan Irwin (9), Soren Holmbo (7)

8th grade boys defeated Saint John and Saint Mary (Katonah), 38-26
Irwin (13), Holnbo (11), Viggiano (9)

9th grade boys lost to Annuncation (Crestwood), 52-50
9th grade boys defeated St. Lawrence (Brewster), 50-40
Christian Pezzullo (16), Daniel Santos (16)

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