Beacon Police Blotter

Select incidents from May 25 to June 7

Friday, May 25

Caller on South Davies Terrace reported damage to vehicle in parking lot of residence.

Caller on West Willow Street reported jewelry missing from residence.

Caller reported receiving letters regarding court dates for violations that he did not commit.

Saturday, May 26

After a report of a suspicious person on Main Street, Kristen Mianti, 31, of Glenmont, was picked up on a warrant.

A caller on Bayview Avenue reported her dog was attacked by another dog while walking in Long Dock Park.

Sunday, May 27

Caller on East Main Street reported money missing from an event that caller attended.

Monday, May 28

Caller on North Walnut Street reported elderly woman who suffers from dementia had left her residence. A search party was organized and the woman was located.

Tuesday, May 29

Caller on Main Street reported flowers missing from a planter in front of building.

After a report of a fight on Main Street, Robert Skinner, 33, of Beacon, was charged with criminal contempt and aggravated family offense.

Wednesday, May 30

Caller reported being harassed by two individuals on Main Street.

Caller on South Avenue reported license plate possibly being stolen after he parked car in his driveway.

Caller on West Center Street reported that someone damaged and wrote graffiti on playground equipment.

Caller on Spring Valley reported damage to vehicle parked overnight in front of residence. 5/30

Friday, June 1

Caller on Ralph Street reported witnessing a vehicle strike her vehicle and leave the scene.

Caller on North Avenue reported receiving a suspicious check in the mail.

After a report of an intoxicated individual, Levi Rivera, 31, of Beacon was charged with open container and possession of marijuana.

Jason Davis, 38, of Fishkill was picked up on a warrant.

After a traffic stop on South Avenue, Christopher Curtin, 53, of Beacon, was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Saturday, June 2

After a traffic stop on Churchill Street, Jessica Rowland, 39, of Utica was charged with driving while intoxicated.

After a traffic stop on DeWindt Street, Raequan Keemer, 23, of Beacon was charged with possession of marijuana.

After a traffic stop on Matteawan Road, Victoria Fenton, 22, of Newburgh was charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated unlicensed operation.

Caller on Washington Avenue reported damage to the rear windshield of vehicle.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reported his residence was burglarized.

Caller on Main Street reported a patron had not paid bill. Patron located and bill paid.

Sunday, June 3

After a complaint about ATVs on West Center Street, Billy Delgado Jr., 28, of Wappinger Falls and Kavon Thompson, 28, of Beacon were charged with fleeing from a police officer.

Monday, June 4

Caller on Liberty Street reported parked vehicle damaged by hit-and-run driver.

Kyle Hopkinson, 29, of Pleasant Valley was picked up on a warrant.

Caller on Main Street reported bicycle was left for extended period of time. Bicycle secured by Police Department.

Tuesday, June 5

After a traffic stop on West Center Street, Forever Williams, 19, of Beacon was charged with operating a vehicle as an unlicensed driver, have no or an expired inspection certificate and possession of marijuana.

Wednesday, June 6

Caller reported graffiti on building on Main Street.

Caller on Spring Street reported vehicle repeatedly blocking driveway.

After report of a dispute on Church Street, Melissa Ortquist, 60, of Beacon was charged with reckless endangerment.

After a report of a fight on Forrestal Heights, Nicholas Acres, 45, of Beacon was charged with coercion and attempted criminal mischief.

Thursday, June 7

Complainant at headquarters reported dispute over property lines.

Caller on Meadow Ridge Circle reported hit and run in parking lot of her residence, which left damage to car. Suspect vehicle located and accident report completed.

Editor’s Note: If you are named in this blotter, and the charges were dismissed or reduced, or if you were acquitted, e-mail We will verify and add a note to the entry. It is helpful if you provide documentation.

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