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  • Comment on The Coolest Tavern in Newburgh by Thomas Costa December 13, 2017
    Thank you, Michael, for the wonderful story. We look forward to seeing you and the readers of the Highlands Current in our historic tavern. Thanks so much for a great job! Tom, Denise and Zach Costa
  • Comment on Digital Frontier by Frank Haggerty December 12, 2017
    I entirely agree with your comments about "promoting a little bit of plain, old-fashioned literacy and culture instead of another visit to the Short Attention Span Theater" and screen addiction. So much that passes under the rubric of "social media" and "technology" is in fact little more than social and cultural manipulation. T […]
  • Comment on Digital Frontier by Dave McCarthy December 11, 2017
    You're really stretching to find a negative here. The demand for technology help is huge and continues to grow. Project CodeSpring introduced a lot of kids to coding and several of them are well on their way to great careers based on some of the things they learned from Pam. As this article says, they had to turn kids away it became so popular. I wish t […]
  • Comment on The Coolest Tavern in Newburgh by Michael Turton December 11, 2017
    There are certain bars where the atmosphere just makes food and drink taste better. Something about the stories that exude from the beautiful bar itself ... aided by all the characters who have sat there throughout its rich and colorful history .... Definitely worth checking out .....
  • Comment on Rombout Middle School Honor Roll (1st Quarter) by Josephine Johnston December 11, 2017
    Congratulations to all, and to the many Randolph School alumni in here!
  • Comment on Digital Frontier by Patty Villanova December 11, 2017
    Sorry to go all negative on this, but I am not impressed with this project and, in fact, I think it is mostly a waste of money. Just a few things off the top of my head that are troublesome: We are already paying millions of dollars every year in school taxes to do pretty much the same things that this tech center proposes to do. I have no problem with how p […]
  • Comment on After Indian Point: What’s Causing Local Thyroid Cancer Rates to Soar? by Donald Kleszy December 10, 2017
    The "new study" that you cite in your article is from a notorious anti-nuclear pseudo-scientist, and the article that you've subsequently published does a disservice to the intelligence of your readers and the reputation of The Highlands Current. Please be more rigorous about your standards, and your fact-checking, so that you may continue to […]
  • Comment on After Indian Point: What’s Causing Local Thyroid Cancer Rates to Soar? by Kathleen Kourie December 9, 2017
    The doctor has been watching large nodules in my daughter’s thyroid for years. We live within 8 miles of Indian Point. She also participated in baby-tooth study for Strontium 90 and also her breast milk when she was lactating. The last thing she wanted to do was pass along breast milk that could be contaminated. Hers was OK but others were not so lucky.