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  • Comment on Cell Tower Proposed Off Route 9 by Lillian Rosengarten June 23, 2017
    I hope this tower will not be granted approval. Up until now first responders seem to manage well with present communication. It is not only unsightly and a threat to animals but in my view, a health risk. I know many disagree. Every beautiful space left in our community, is being grabbed up by companies looking to get richer. Sadly, Beacon falls into that c […]
  • Comment on Haldane Has Its Principals by Lillian Rosengarten June 23, 2017
    Congratulations! I am so pleased to hear we have two new principals and I wish them both fulfillment and happiness at Haldane. I am thrilled to have Julia Sniffen as our high school principal. She is a truly fine person and a talented administrator.
  • Comment on Cell Tower Proposed Off Route 9 by Will Duncan June 23, 2017
    A four-hour balloon test late morning during the week is a waste of time. The test should be a minimum of a week to let neighbors and others in the community see the visual impact.
  • Comment on Cell Tower Proposed Off Route 9 by Joe Hyatt June 23, 2017
    As much as these towers may be "ugly" in some people's opinion, it would greatly increase radio communications and reliability for first responders. Radio communications have been a major problem on the west side of the county and this could be a major upgrade for the emergency services.
  • Comment on Putnam Sheriff Settles Defamation Case by William Harris June 23, 2017
    It seems like years since the defamation lawsuit has been reported or referred to. I was impressed with the clear and concise account by Liz Armstrong. These two sad tales of misfortunate plotting would be a big draw on stage or screen. Whoever said that nothing exciting ever happens in Putnam County?
  • Comment on Putnam Sheriff Settles Defamation Case by Anthony Merante June 20, 2017
    Of course, the Republican way. Stick it to the taxpayer, then talk as though they are the big saviors of the little guy. This out-of-control sheriff (how much has he enlarged the budget since he took office?) stepped way over the line and now is sticking it to the taxpayers for his bad temper. He should have taken his military pension and gone fishin'. […]
  • Comment on Shears and Cheers by Alison Rooney June 19, 2017
    A few people have mentioned that the previous barbershop at 69 Main was not actually called Gus's, although Gus did work there. This is all not to be confused with Sam Sunday's barbershop, located across the street and a bit further east. Anyone who lived in Cold Spring during the 1940s through 1970s able to shed some light on the commercial tenant […]
  • Comment on Roots and Shoots: It’s Gypsy Moth Season by Aleta Wolfe June 19, 2017
    The best we can hope for is for the rainy conditions to help the fungus grow that kills the gypsy moth. None of the few suggestions given in the article are feasible when one lives in and backed up to the woods.