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  • Comment on Airbnb Bookings Jump 75 Percent in Philipstown by Patty Villanova August 21, 2017
    What is the difference between a "legitimate" bed and breakfast and Airbnb besides taxation?
  • Comment on Progress Report: Beacon Developments by John Murnane August 21, 2017
    If the Eliza Street project was given approval on the condition that the parking was to be supplied from another property and that property is not forthcoming, then the Eliza Street project has not met the conditions of the plan, thus the conditions of the approval are moot. The Eliza Street project must now meet the conditions of the zoning. Reduce the size […]
  • Comment on Tall Order by Patty Villanova August 20, 2017
    Thank you for the great photograph! I was out of town when this went by our part of the Hudson and was hoping that there would be some news and pics about the story.
  • Comment on Progress Report: Beacon Developments by Pascal Boyer August 20, 2017
    Beacon is only attractive because of the MTA connection. There isn't any land or space, no decent architecture etc. If you are so annoyed with your town's Renaissance, have the MTA move the tracks on the other side of the river. Newburgh, which has a lot more land and architecture, could use the love and Beacon can go back to being the dump it was […]
  • Comment on Airbnb Bookings Jump 75 Percent in Philipstown by Judith K. Rose August 20, 2017
    When we all were supporting more "in-Village" accommodation options as part of the comprehensive plan, Airbnb was not considered an option. We had hoped to expand the code to allow for more legitimate bed and breakfasts that would enhance the Village's desirability for its residents and guests. Uncontrolled, Airbnbs can do quite the opposite, […]
  • Comment on Progress Report: Beacon Developments by Jeff Simms August 20, 2017
    The building is in the central Main Street zoning district, which allows four stories and, in some cases with special permits, five stories.
  • Comment on Progress Report: Beacon Developments by Peter McGivney August 19, 2017
    I am perplexed. Please correct me if I am wrong about this, but I was under the impression that buildings here in Beacon could not be more than three stories tall because the fire department's ladders can only reach the third floor. The building at 344 Main is clearly four stories high. How is this possible?
  • Comment on The $10 Million Women by Patty Villanova August 19, 2017
    Thanks for a very informative article. As I read through it, the first thing that came to mind was trying to launch a similar initiative for our own Village of Cold Spring. Judging by the criteria that was quoted, it looks like the Village fits the qualifications to a "T" not to mention the fact that we could certainly use $1 million or so for upgr […]